Twitter Buzzer is The New Kind of Advertising

Actually it is my task of sociolinguistics for final test

I will tell about twiter buzzer briefly. Twitter is the one of most popular social media in Indonesia. Many people use twitter and then there are five hundred billion people use it. Even indonesia is on the oder to five of the other state. Twitter is different from other social media, because twitter is a micro-blogging that people can make their identity or personal branding there. Because of it, The produser or a company who produce some brand use twitter buzzer for promotion their brand.

So what is the twitter buzzer ? twitter buzzer is someone who have many followers until one thousands or one billion. They have personal branding or social identity for promotion their twitter account. Such as they tell about Shcolarship, problem, phoems or their feeling. They are usually called “selebtwit”. For your information, They are paid for recommending and promoting some product. They will promote the product with write a tweet of information about the product promoted and they will also mention twitter account who sells it. But  in the abroad, Twitter buzzers is not to known as in Indonesia where its community need recomendation or suggestion when will buy the product. Nevertheless Twitter buzzer is also give a tweet of important information such as about healty, tips and trick, and ect.

Now, i will tell about the topic that i choose for this artcle. The topic that i will tell is Language and the media and the sub topic is Language, Society and virtual world. According to me, twitter buzzer is the one of many example of language, society and virtual world. For the first, as i tell above that twitter buzzer always make their identity differnt each buzzer in virtual world, especially in twitter. They will make some tweet that people like or they will give some tweets of information that people need in twitter.  They are so creative person. Because of it, people can assumpt about their identity based on what they say, what they think and how they say it. There many buzzer that have different identity, such as the bad guy, romantic poet, lady fashion, ect. In twitter they gather and make a group which the members have many identicalness each others. They interact each other through the virtual world eventhough they are geograpically scattered thousands of miles away. The twitter buzzer also have  netiquette. They don’t spamming in twitter, and usually they write a tweet based the personal branding made by themselves. Based on article that have been read by me, twitter doesn’t forbid twitter buzzer’s activities, eventhough it doesn’t gives the advantages to head for twitter.

In her study a community protest,Laura Gurak (1996) makes the point from Marketplace :house holds’s about ‘rhetorical communities’ that diverse group of people can participate in protest and campaign via internet or cyberspace. How the cyberspace provide the room to people for action and protest about anything. It explain that the cyberspace is a socially powerful community. Same with Laura Gurak’s opinion, Now cyberspace also can be an effective social media advertising. Twitter Buzzer for the example, now twitter buzzer is the new kind advertising in Indonesia.  Twitter Buzzer is indeed a highly effective for advertising, and the tweets written by twitter buzzers give the influence by other people, because they  use language that we won’t realize that they were promoting some product. And we will think that what written is their virtual realities. For the example

“ Gimana ga mabok, Buka puasanya pake martabak 8 rasa @markobar1996 sebanyak ini…”

“Fix, #XperiaZ cocok buat yang suka fotografi, kameranya 13MP dengan sensor ExMor RS, Hasilnya canggih *Cc @SonyXperiaID”

We can see, that we will not realize that it’s a advertisment. We think that it’s just their virtual realities. And then many people who have to ask to them for recommending some product. It means that how big effect given by them. I hope, we have to outline of the information we read.

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